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Staff Sergeant Fox Suicide Prevention Grant

Full Title: Staff Sergeant Fox Suicide Prevention Grant Program Funding Opportunity

Application Due Date: May 19, 2023


"The purpose of the SSG Fox SPGP is to reduce Veteran suicide by expanding suicide prevention programs for Veterans through the award of suicide prevention services grants to eligible entities to provide or coordination the provision of suicide prevention services to eligible individuals and their families. SSG Fox SPGP builds upon VA's public health approach, which combines clinical and community-based interventions to prevent Veteran suicide for those inside and outside of VA health care. This grant program assists in further implementing a public health approach through these community efforts. The goal of these grants is to reduce Veteran suicide risk; improve baseline mental health status, well-being, and social support; and improve financial stability for eligible individuals and their families."

Link to the full VA grant description can be found here.

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