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For the past 10 years, we've been working to strengthen behavioral health programming across Pennsylvania through expanded mental health screening, increased staff training, and access to technology.

Through multiple collaborations and grants, we've created a network of stakeholders that include clinicians and staff who work in emergency departments, schools, primary care practices, community-based organizations, and behavioral health clinics.

This network has generated best practices and high quality research that can benefit both state and local programs throughout the country. We created the hub to share this information with the public and continue our collaborative efforts outside of funding cycles.


youth screened across PA

suicidal youth identified at time of screening

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We've been working together for over 10 years

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Our network represents more than 60% of PA counties

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We've screened over 100,000 people across the state

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We've identified over 4,600 people with current suicide ideation 



Steve Sharp
Hempfield School District

Sharp Headshot ASCA 2019.jpg

As the District school counselor coordinator, Steve Sharp makes understanding student mental health a priority with his board. Hempfield School District has been using the bhworks platform for several years now but has expanded its ability to identify and manage mental health concerns as students return to school following the COVID pandemic. After parents opt in, the staff get to choose between two different screening models that are completed once during the school year. Over time, Sharp hopes to screen students more often in order to monitor and track trends.

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