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To create standardized processes across the network, our members leverage a web-based software platform called bhworks. This software is available at a reduced cost for our members. 

bhworks includes tools for:

bhworks has been leveraged in
a variety of care settings:


Assessments are completed on a tablet or mobile device by the participant. Results are automatically scored, summarized, and sent for clinician review.


 Staff can refer people to services directly in bhworks, searching for providers based on services offered, location, and availability.


An add-on telehealth module allows your team to stay connected to patients/students via virtual visits.

Integrated Care

Care coordination tools identify tasks that need to be completed for each individual, alerting clinicians and care managers when a task is past due.


bhworks aggregates and displays de-identified screening information across sites, regions, or states.  Data dashboards help you choose factors to monitor and report in real time.


Get access to over 140 forms & assessments

In addition to the Behavioral Health Screen,  bhworks gives you access to a variety of screeners, intake forms, and outcomes measures. Commonly used assessments include the PHQ-9 (depression), GAD-7 (anxiety), AUDIT-C (alcohol misuse), and C-SSRS (suicide risk), and more. You can also add your own assessments to the platform. 


See what bhworks can do