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Aggregate Statewide Screening 2010-2020: Key Factors

Over the past 10 years, we have implemented screening through BH-Works in hospitals, primary care offices, schools, and other settings. The aggregate data from this work provides key information to PA stakeholders involved in resources allocation, program development, and policy decisions.

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SAP Screening Trends 2014-2019

Through our last GLS grant, we offered BH-Works to providers in the PA Student Assistance Program (SAP), where it is currently in use by SAP agencies in 47 counties. Use of BH-Works has increased identification of youth at risk for suicide in this population from 8% to 33% and has offered us a way to measure behavioral health across demographics, regions, and shared risk factors.


BHS Child Version (ages 6-14)  Validation Efforts

After using the Behavioral Health Screen (ages 12-24) in various school and medical settings, we received a large amount of requests for a tool designed for younger children. Many clinicians reported seeing problems like anxiety and depression in elementary school children, and they were in need of a comprehensive screen with age appropriate questions.    


Universal Screening Trends

Over the past six years, we have implemented bhworks universal screening in schools around Pennsylvania. We have collected data on mental health and other risk factors in over 3,000 students.


Research Publications
2007 - Present

bhworks and the BHS have been used to guide practice innovation, public health program management, and research on suicidality and related risk factors. Read more for a list of publications.


Garrett Lee Smith (GLS) State Suicide Prevention Project 2014-2019

This project titled "Suicide Prevention in Pennsylvania Schools and Colleges Initiative” focused on student populations. Key strategies included gatekeeper training, suicide risk management training, standardized screening, and training in empirically supported treatments. A major component of this project was leveraging the Student Assistance Program (SAP) to achieve project goals.

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Garrett Lee Smith (GLS) State Suicide Prevention Project 2011-2014 

With this renewal grant, work from the previous grant was expanded to include additional Pennsylvania counties (Allegheny, Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Monroe, Montgomery, Philadelphia, and Westmoreland).


Garrett Lee Smith (GLS) State Suicide Prevention Project 2008-2011 

This project, titled "Preventing Youth Suicide in Primary Care," focused on implementation of an early identification system within primary care medical settings in three Pennsylvania counties (Lackawanna, Luzerne, Schuylkill) with high rates of adolescent suicide. 

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