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BHS Child Version Validation

Validation Plan

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500 Participants

With the help of 14 SAP agencies across 11 counties, we collected data on 500 children ages 6-14. ​


Parent Report

Parents answered questions about their child using both the Child Version of the BHS and the validation battery.


Validation Measures

Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS); Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ); EAT 26; Child and Adolescent Symptom Inventory – Progress Monitor (CASI-PM); and PTSD Checklist (PCL-PR), ASQ.

Participating Counties

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Mental Health Risk Factors

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Current Suicidal Ideation

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History of Suicidal Ideation

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Moderate to Severe Depression

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School Performance

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73% of parents have recieved calls about their child's behavior

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27% of children  use special resources for emotional, behavioral, or academic issues

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45% of children participate in extracurricular activities

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Friends & Bullying

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Report their child has at least one good friend

Asset 106.png

Report they are comfortable with their child's selection of friends

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Report their child is sometimes or often bullied

Child Trauma Exposure

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Report their child has been physically hurt 

Asset 108.png

Report their child has been sexually touched

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Report their child has had a physical fight with someone other than their parent/guardian

Exposure to Violence

19% had seen or heard violence in their home

31% had seen or heard violence in their neighborhood 

Child Safety

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100% of children  wore seat belts or used a car seat when in the car

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75% of children  wore a helmet when biking

Substance Use

Asset 112.png

Report someone at home with substance use problems

Asset 113.png

Report their child has used tobacco

Asset 114.png

Report their child has used marijuana 

Child Safety

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1% of parents report their  child could obtain a gun within a day

Asset 119.png

17.5% of parents surveyed have a gun at home

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