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Ongoing Projects

2021 - Present

In collaboration with the City of Philadelphia Office of Addiction Services (part of the Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disability Services), we adapted and helped to administer a city-wide needs assessment to understand substance use and other behavioral health risks among youth and adults.

Newport Healthcare
2019 - Present

Newport is a multi-site, inpatient and outpatient, treatment facility. We have started a quality improvement project with Newport as they have adopted the BHS as an outcome monitoring tool. We also implemented a long-term follow-up program; we created assessments to be given to both the parent and patient after discharge, to track how the patient is doing after leaving Newport.

Crisis & Law Enforcement
2022 - Present

The National Strategy for Suicide Prevention Pa Grant team is collaborating with partners in Montgomery County to better support the mental health needs of Montgomery County residents. Law enforcement (Abington Township PD, Lower Merion PD, and Upper Providence Township PD) and mobile crisis services (Access services) are planning to initiate a joint screening venture where police officers are able to offer individuals the option to complete screening through the BHS and connect to mobile crisis services.

2022 - Present

SBIRT for Adolescents and Their Families will put the SBIRT framework into three large, multi-programed CMHC agencies servicing low income, mostly minority families. Over the five years, we aim to screen nearly 28,000 adolescents and provide at least brief intervention to nearly 5,000 youth and their parents. 

Garrett Lee Smith (GLS) State Suicide Prevention Project
2019 - Present

This grant renewel focused on student populations. Key strategies included gatekeeper training, suicide risk management training, standardized screening, and training in empirically supported treatments. A major component of this project was leveraging the Student Assistance Program (SAP) to achieve project goals.

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