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PA Veterans Group Dedicated to Stopping Suicide is Using bhworks

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Valhalla Veteran’s Services, which provides services to over 26,000 veterans and first responders covering three Pennsylvania counties, is now using the bhworks mental health software platform from mdlogix to stop suicides.

“I have lost eight comrades to suicide over the last 20 years,” said Eric Darling, executive director, Valhalla Veteran’s Services, Inc., and an Army retiree. “Unfortunately, for many veterans, the option of suicide is more palatable than facing failure. Death before dishonor is a deadly recipe for suicide.”

Psychiatrist Allen Tien, MD, MHS, mdlogix president and chief science officer said, “Our company is dedicated to helping stem the epidemic of veteran suicide attempts and deaths, and it’s an honor working with Eric’s organization. I am confident our comprehensive, validated system to screen for mental health issues, refer, and monitor outcomes will help save lives.”

Valhalla Veteran’s Services provides free counseling, suicide intervention skills training, continuing educational seminars, and group education for veterans and first responders in Pennsylvania’s Lackawanna, Susquehanna, and Wyoming counties. In many cases these veterans are disenfranchised with the traditional services provided by the federal Veterans Administration or by the distance they need to travel in order to receive services.

bhworks is one of the leading statewide behavioral mental health platforms. It helps organizations identify, track, and address the physical, mental, and social risk factors that affect the health and well-being of children, teens, adults, and their families. bhworks adheres to all data privacy and security measures (HIPAA compliant).

Participants (patients, clients, students) can self-report responses on any web-enabled

device such as a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Results are automatically scored,

summarized, and ready for review by clinicians or staff. In addition to screening for multiple

mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, trauma, substance misuse, and suicide ideation assessment also identifies psychosocial stressors such as exposure to violence, including military service, family dynamic, and work/school activities.

Once a veteran is screened and assessed, the system offers referrals and care coordination, allows providers to communicate with veterans via virtual visits, and securely collects data to see outcomes in real time.

Connecting to supporting organizations such as providers of social services, is fundamental to address key risk factors. Valhalla is one of 1,500 providers of services that are part of the PA VETConnect program established by the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, led by SGM Richard Hamp.

Valhalla Veteran’s Services strives to evolve into a platform where all warriors, first responders, and supporting organizations can come together under one operating network. It wants to effectively provide hope, purpose, and connection to every warrior in need, while creating a cultural change in the way society views, researches, and treats suicide. Our mission is to Stop Suicides in the Warrior Community.

mdlogix, home of bhworks, designs software that combines science and practice. We are on a mission with our clients to improve behavioral health care together. The company is working at federal and state government levels to have its collaborative/technology model used in every state.

For questions, contact: Marjorie McKee, 571-253-0567,

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