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State of the Union: Biden's Strategy to address the Mental Health Crisis

In his first State of the Union, Biden announced a strategy to address the nation's mental health crisis. This will include 1) strengthing system capacity, 2) connecting Americans to care, and 3) creating healthy environments. For more details on the individual steps that will be taken to address the proposed strategy, you can read the full fact sheet here.

To highlight a few aspects of the strategy, to strengthen system capacity, money will be invested into behavioral health and training programs, a national certification program will be created, and the well-being of frontline workers will be promoted. To connect Americans to care, parity will be expanded and strengthened, mental health/substance use treatment will be integrated into primary care, and veterans' access to mental health care will be improved. Finally, to create healthy environments, young people's online privacy will be strengthened by reducing targeted advertisements, and research on the harm of social media will be conducted.

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